Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever your query we hope you will find the answer here.

1) Will my product look exactly like the preview?

It is very difficult to reproduce the quality of our products online. Your preview is as close as possible to the finished item, the real product can look more realistic. Each product is finished to a high standard using state of the art printing equipment and a specialist design team.

2) What size will my football gift be?

For full details on products including sizes and detailed descriptions please see respective product pages.

3) How is my gift packaged?

Your football gift is packaged in a custom made cardboard box for maximum protection.

4) I want to get this delivered directly to the recipient, will an invoice be included?

No, we never include an invoice with your gift. We do sometimes include a letter and/or leaflets informing the recipient of various promotions.

5) Is the company logo/address printed on the packaging?

Yes, we do have to include our name and address on the outside of the packing for tracking and returns purposes.

6) Can you make my photograph better quality?

No we cannot. If the image you send us is poor, low resolution or blurred then this is how it will appear on the product. If you send a good quality image we can guarantee to produce a superb product. For those products needing a photograph you need to send a good quality, preferably digital image. It should be “Passport” like with the person featured facing the camera. You can have your photograph assessed free of charge by emailing